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Ana Pacheco was born in Lisbon, Portugal, a city known for its historic and eclectic architecture. After a short university incursion in the Faculty of Engineering, Ana decided to pursue her life-long ambition - becoming an architect. In 2009, Ana got her Masters in Architecture degree with honours in the Portuguese capital.

When in university, Ana did not only stick to her academic path, she went beyond – exploring and consolidating different art forms. As part of her Architecture Masters Course, Ana spent a year living in Eindhoven, Holland, where she came in deep contact with De Stijl and Bauhaus movements. This encounter was crucial for her development as an artist, and the influences of this period may be considered a staple of the work she creates today.


Following the experience and knowledge acquired in Holland during her academic studies, Ana decided to embrace and pursue a path that would allow her to be in close contact with avant-garde artistic expressions. In 2010, Ana was awarded a Inov-Art grant from the Portuguese government and moved to London to kick-start her career as an architect. London proved itself to be the art hub Ana was looking for.

how it started

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